The Manifesto of the Gnostic Church of Draconis


small dragon

Member of the Abrosii Magi Hortus Rosarum

By Order of the Acting Council of Elders
Montreal Quebec
Sol in Libra An XCIV

The name Draconis symbolizes the universal ether as the fundamental light frequency or form of ‘pure energy’ from the view of physics.  From this primal form of energy all other forms of energy are but a modification, giving the everyday untrained human apparatus the impression of a concrete physical world, along with the astral impressions of the imagination, and the various sensations and perceptions that accompany human existence.  This can be seen in the symbolism of the oriental Dragon in the east representing the chi, or universal prana.  The Dragon is also connected with the serpent of wisdom, the dynamic energy connecting the paths of the tree of life, and was commonly depicted in myth as swallowing luminary bodies during eclipses.  It can also be related to the kundaline within another context.  In one sense, Draco is the personification of Nuit, and infinite space itself.  Table one, in Liber 777 also lists Draco as being “…connected with Nuit in Heaven; Ananta, the great serpent which surrounds the Universe.  It devours its own tail, thereby reducing it to Zero.” (Crowley p. 89)

In this context the name describes the goal of this church.  It is intended as an outer vehicle for the A.’. A.’. with the purpose of exploring this primal energy in its relation with consciousness and the human experience of the world through the use or rituals, meditation, yoga, and dramatic rites.  The idea here is to begin basic workshops dealing with rituals and meditation techniques, along with experimental studies in order to gain a better understanding of this universal magickal agent. 

The church will provide both workshops and rites, to those interested in exploring Thelemic magick and mysticism, along with an opportunity for those whose will is to work with the system of the A.’. A.’. to take their magickal careers to the next level. 


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